New Indie Music

Masaki Araya featuring INDiGoHiGH & Maal- Now (Radio Edit)

The Story! Masaki Araya, the Midwestern-born and bred Asian-American artist, loves to wear many hats when it comes to professionally creative works. The EMMY® Award-nominee has solely and collaboratively involved behind the scenes in various media including but not limited to: Music, TV, film, theatre, live sound, radio, audio documentary, podcast, and an array of written and artistic publications. He […]

New German Pop Sound – Fabyán

Fabyán, a newcomer in the German Schlager World! but with over 50 years of age no longer a youth …… but the German Schlager is not new for Fabyán! HOMEPAGE Because even as a small child he grew up with the German Schlager Music of Costa Cordalis, Gitte, Howard Carpendale, Bernhard Brink and many more from the hit industry. His […]

Fabi D`Tedesco – Santo Graal [new release]

. Fabi D`Tedesco – Santo Graal will be released on February 9.nd, 2011. It’s a Song with a Gregorian male Choir 3,58 Min. -98 BPM Label: DonFabio Music (Fabian Noll) Available on all known streaming & download portals Click here: Available on all known streaming & download portals Click here: Now also on the Playlist New Indie Music New Indie […]

Yunggawdspace – Heartthrob [new release]

. Yunggawdspace – Heartthrob release date 10. Jan. 2021 Heartthrob is a song I wrote during the quarantine when my music really became so much more imaginative due to the world I was creating in my home, isolated from the world. I feel like this song speaks to being your own individual and creating your own lane no matter your […]

Bison – Good Luvn [song presentation]

And again a Song made it to one of my Playlists. The Song “GOOD LUVN” by Bison can now be found on the Spotify Playlist “The totally crazy Playlist – Radio DonFabio”I hope you enjoy listening. Now also on our Playlist Playlist “The totally crazy Playlist” You are an Artist? and would like to be on one of our Playlists? […]

Fabi D`Tedesco – Snow Bell For The Christmas Night [new release]

– The new song by “Fabi D`Tedesco” currently fits well into the Christmas carols category. release date: 9.2.21 Snow Bell For The Christmas Night! In the song you can find concise bells and ambient elements.It was never planned as a Christmas song, it just happened at some point. The song won’t be available in stores until next Christmas. until then […]