New German Pop Sound – Fabyán


Fabyán, a newcomer in the German Schlager World!

but with over 50 years of age no longer a youth …
… but the German Schlager is not new for Fabyán!


Because even as a small child he grew up with the German Schlager Music of Costa Cordalis, Gitte, Howard Carpendale, Bernhard Brink and many more from the hit industry. His parents already heard the hit. Of course, it all started with the legendary “Hit Parade” on ZDF. This shaped him to love the hit to this day. Nevertheless, Fabyán has moved in a different direction musically, he was a DJ for years and produced various electro songs that can be found under the projects “DJ Don Fabyo and Fabi D´Tedesco”.

BUT NEVER! did he forget the German Schlager …

His greatest heartfelt desire was to produce and sing a German Schlager Song himself. This has now happened. Together with his best friend Lucas Cordalis, the two produced the song “No man for one night”, the lyrics being written by Lucas Cordalis. When it comes to sound, both of them had a hand in the game. This can also be heard as some of Fabyán’s electronic styles have been incorporated into the song. Lucas Cordalis rounded off the rest with his years of experience in the German Schlager field.

Fabyán currently lives and works in Mallorca. In 2015 he emigrated from Kiel / Northern Germany to the popular holiday island.

From August 6th, the single “No man for one night” will be available in 3 different versions on all streaming and download platforms.

Now it’s time for the audience!
because if there is a positive response, the two of them still have a lot of ideas up their sleeves.

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