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Yunggawdspace – Heartthrob [new release]

Yunggawdspace – Heartthrob [new release]



Yunggawdspace – Heartthrob

release date 10. Jan. 2021

Heartthrob is a song I wrote during the quarantine when my music really became so much more imaginative due to the world I was creating in my home, isolated from the world. I feel like this song speaks to being your own individual and creating your own lane no matter your environment.

Over a haunting, dreamlike production, I tried to weave an equally dreamlike world speaking on what I observe around me and my own point of view. Working with a higher profile producer from Atlanta, I wanted to absorb that sound into my own, but still remain unique as always while showing my NY influences in my style and wordplay which I think definitely showed throughout the track.


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